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The trees in our yards are lovely additions to our homes, providing beauty and shade.
However, unexpected storms and high winds can transform these beauties into a dangerous problem.


Callender Tree Service will take care of those damaged trees before they become an issue.

We service all of Kent County including Grand Rapids, Ada, Cascade as well as many areas of Mecosta County including the Canadian Lakes, Big Rapids and more.

Tree trimming

Are the trees on your own property beginning to become wild or shabby? Do you have a tree which is ill or old and must be removed? The simplest way to resolve these issues is to hire a professional tree trimming service. There are a variety of advantages to hiring a professional tree trimming service to doing the work alone.


The most apparent benefit is that you will protect yourself from possible harm. Working on a tree can be dangerous, especially if you do not have a lot of experience with this sort of work.


Hiring a qualified tree service ensures the job is carried out in the safest, most efficient, manner. Hiring a professional will also help you complete the task more quickly. Stay away from the time-consuming hassle and let Callender Tree Service handle the job for you.


storm clean-up

As a company with over 20 years of experience in storm clean up, we have learned first-hand that trees are a lot more vulnerable than they appear.  This is why we advise you that during a storm, don’t try to be a hero.  Your property is not more important than your life or the lives of your family.  After the storm has passed evaluate what you can handle and when you need to call in a professional tree service.  Large limbs that are broken or hanging overhead will most likely require chainsaw work.  And of course if you ever see any branches touching a utility line, report immediately to your local utility company.  Please let Callender Tree Service make your yard safe again.


Fire Wood

For our customers lucky enough to own a home fireplace, Callender Tree Service can provide you with a great supply of firewood using the remains of the tree we have trimmed.  Many of you are already well aware of the perks of owning a fireplace.  With benefits such as cozy fires, a romantic background and energy savings you simply cannot go wrong with a wood burning fireplace.




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